Meet Lugo


The Wall of Lugo embraces the whole of the historic centre and can be covered in full by your walkway, elevated ride thereon which is 12 meters above the ground. By day it is the best viewpoint on the historical district; at night, thanks to a discreet lighting, is a poetic ride with much mystery.


All tourists who come to Lugo can also enjoy the  significant heritage resources from Roman times: musealized archaeological remains in the House of the Mosaics, the Provincial Museum, the Interpretation Centre of the Wall, the Archaeological Centre San Roque, Exhibit Hall Miñá Porta, the Roman Baths and the Sanctuary of Santa Eulalia de Dome. It is also essential to visit the majestic Cathedral of Santa Maria, who has the privilege of the permanent exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.


Walker XXI century in the Camino Primitivo the essence of what was the pilgrimage in those hard years of the Middle Ages. The Camino Primitivo is the first and oldest path of devotion to Santiago de Compostela. Through this Way Christianity spreads the news of the discovery of the tomb of St. James. The first Jacobean pilgrimage history is through the Primitivo Camino: the performing King Alfonso II in 829 in a short territorial space, 369 kilometers, converge three major milestones of world culture recognized with distinctive. Heritage: Asturian Romanesque Roman Wall of Lugo and Santiago.


Our Reception staff have an excellent and extensive knowledge of the area and will be happy to recommend places to go and visit.


The surroundings

The Beach Cathedrals
The Canyons of Sil
The Lugo Ancares
Town of Cebreiro
Castle Pambre
Plaza de Toros

What to visit

The Lugo Wall declared (Heritage Humanity)
The Cathedral with different styles and interior with its beautiful carvings including a seventeenth choir
Chapel Lady Great Eye
The Chapel San Froilan, patron of the city
Temple of San Pedro, with its cloister declared a National Historic Monument
Provincial Museum, former convent of San Francisco.